AGHP 2018 Rope Access Safety Recognition Program

aghp-safetyrecognition-2018Many tasks undertaken during the mitigation of geohazards requires the movement of people and machinery on steep slopes, often employing various rope access techniques. As such, workers are exposed to high levels of on-the-job hazards not found in most other industries. While societal acceptance of such exposure has changed greatly over the years, there remains a large variance in the safe work procedures used since there are no specific rope access guidelines for the geohazards industry.

The AGHP has initiated the Rope Access Safety Recognition Program that is meant to promote safe work procedures by recognizing companies that take care in educating and training their staff and who apply these skills to the projects they work on. It is an annual review of a company’s safety program and performance metrics. The first identifies a commitment to management involvement and commitment to a firm’s safety program, including specific questions about whether the firm has a written rope access safety procedure and adheres to other industry best practices. The latter identifies geohazards mitigation organizations that execute their work more safely than industry averages based on Total Incident Rates and Lost Time / Modified Duty Rates statistics.


To qualify, companies must have low TRC rates, with a minimum combined 85-point score in the leading and trailing safety indicator categories. Upon a successful application, they will receive an AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Plaque. The list of recipients will be published on the AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Program web directory as well as published in a relevant industry publication. This recognition will show that they are a leader in safety in the industry and will inspire other companies to follow suit and will also help owners have confidence in those who carry out their work.

The application for this program can be found in the link below. There are three ways to apply to this program:

  1. As an AGHP agency, corporate or directing member, no fee
  2. As an AGHP individual member on behalf of an agency or company, with a reduced fee ($75)
  3. As a non-AGHP member on behalf of an agency or company ($150)

Important Dates:

  • August 31, 2018: All completed applications must be received by 5PM, EDT
  • September 10 – 13, 2018: AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Notification

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